Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Call the Blog Police!

hey all you crafty types!

does anybody know if there is such a thing as "blogging police" ?? i fear i have been very lax in doing my blog posts... over a month? not acceptable!

it's not that i don't think about it all the time, i just don't seem to find the time for it these past weeks. between making all my products, selling at all the craft fairs i booked, keeping up with emails, facebook, etsy, selling Avon, job hunting, and the myriad of other things i've been doing lately, i guess something had to fall by the wayside! sorry about that!

i was drooling last week over the Mexican stamping cruise that tim holtz did. have you seen anything about that? it was a week-long cruise to ports in Mexico, with classes and an onboard stamp store for the cruisers to shop at! can you imagine how much fun that would have been? they had a stop in Cabo San Lucas, and my mom & dad were there vacationing at the same time! would have been cool to get onboard and meet tim holtz. he's my creative idol.

so do you wanna see a few pics of the Christmas cards i've been making lately? there's some lovely ones, if i do say so myself!

whadda ya think? i love that glitter snowman foam sticker. it's so sweet! and i actually have little button brads that i added. cute cute cute!

anyhoo, gotta run... my sister is flying in from Whitehorse so i have to hit the airport!

cheers! crafty girl