Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sets of Cards

hey all you crafty types!

there's nothing i like better on a rainy day than spending the time crafting away at my desk while the rain hits the window of my hobby room. it's so cozy and FUN in here! i did have to venture out earlier to run some errands, and man was it blustery!!! rain coming in sideways...

are any of you lovely readers selling your wares on ETSY? i have some products listed in my shop, but don't seem to be getting anywhere with my sales. hopefully in the future good things will happen. i just can't bring myself to spend a tonne of $ putting my stuff in the showcases. i tried it a couple of times and got zero sales out of it... i just joined an ETSY CANADA group yesterday too. i'm looking for ways to promote my shop and get to know some other crafters at the same time!

i've been doing a plethora of craft shows, and there's still many more to come . a couple of these shows are going to be home parties. a little wine, some cheese, and shopping for Crafty Girl Cards and Avon products. (yes, i'm an Avon lady too!) i thought today i'd share with you some of the card designs i've been making for the cards sets i plan to sell. i have been trying to come up with "less involved" designs so that i can sell the sets for less than i would my individual cards. who would pay $50 for a set of 10 cards, even IF they are all handmade and lovely? (there i go, tooting my own horn again - i SO love to do that!) anyhoo, i still end up spending a lot of time on these simpler cards. i just can't seem to stop myself from going overboard!

i'd love to hear your comments on these... and suggestions for keeping myself under control! hehehe! have a fantastic day everyone!

crafty girl


  1. Hey Crafty Girl!
    Great Christmas designs! I wanted to ask you about craft fairs. Do they generally do well? I did my first ever today w/my papercrafts and it totally sucked. I sold 2 cards, 1 bookmark. It wasn't me, most people there didn't even make back the $20 table fee, there were hardly any people, and many of them elderly ladies. Tell me this is just a bad craft fair and good ones are out there??
    Thanks! Sharon Hughes

  2. Cute stuff my friend.

    I love the last one, gorgeous!