Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall is Here!

hey all you crafty types!

i don't know how the days fly by so quickly! suddenly it's mid-september... the trees in our townhouse complex are changing colour, school's back in, and my fall craft shows are about to begin - tomorrow, to be exact! the first one is in a fantastic little seaside village not far from me called Steveston. if you live anywhere near here i'm sure you've visited the area. taken a lovely stroll along the seawall, eaten fish and chips on the pier, and purchased fresh shrimp or fish right off the boats on the dock! a wonderful experience to say the least.

the Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market takes place alternating sundays from late may to mid-october, but i've only gotten in on the last couple of dates. tomorrow is my debut at the market, and i'll also be there on oct. 11th. looking forward to it! it's such a great location and there's always lots of people wandering about the village so here's hoping it goes very well!

my other news for today is that i was featured yesterday on Listen to Lena's blog in the "Lena Loves..." section! sorry i didn't get around to posting yesterday, but i had family over for dinner and the day was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, and food prepping! we ate outside because it was such a lovely evening! i'm happy it's still warm enought to do that... but i digress! it's such a cool website - Lena gives out info on sales and other events going on, coupons for readers to print out, and all sorts of goodies! there are contests to win and her site is just so fresh and fun to peruse! check it out and let me know what you think of my review!

crafty girl

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