Wednesday, September 23, 2009

World Card Making Day - coming soon to a craft desk near you!!

hey all you crafty types!

being the crafty people that you are, i'm sure you all know about World Cardmaking Day! it's coming up soon on oct.3rd... what are your plans?
are you the type to create wonderful handmade halloween cards and decorations? or, like me, will you be getting started on christmas cards? i'm a little late beginning this year... as i sell in a number of craft fairs, i need to make many dozens of cards and i sometimes get started as early as july! not to mention cards for family & friends! it's a labour of love, believe me! nothing i like better than spending the day at my craft desk... let me know what you'll be up to!

last weekend i had 2 craft fairs! it's rather exhausting, but it's certainly rewarding! making contacts and getting my products out into the world is exciting. i really hope it leads to more online sales so that when i have to get a real job (yuck!) i'll still have some craft activity going on!

this weekend it's Portobello West - a large and well-known European-inspired fashion & art fair held here in Vancouver and also in Calgary. starting this year there is also Portobello East in Toronto. i'm nowhere near a level where i'd actually travel to other cities to take part, but you never know! someday, maybe...

crafty girl

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