Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another fabulous Raspberry Suite colour challenge!

did you expect any less? Dawn's colour challenges on her My Favorite Things blog are always based on some photography, and today is no different! this pic really does look like a perfect little street in a quaint little village - which is exactly where she was.

besides the challenge i'm partaking in that is provided by her today, i'm also using a technique that Dawn posted last week. these little flowers she showed how to make are divine! i'm going to continue to use these, and make myself a whole big stash of them in all sorts of colours!

this card is doing double duty - the sketch is from 365 Cards for today's challenge. i figured i'd try and take on 2 challenges in one since i'm a bit behind this week! day 123 already! the time is flying by and i just don't know where it's getting to...

hope you Canadians had a great Canada Day! don't worry - all you Americans get your time soon enough! (grin)

crafty girl


  1. I like your white space, evn if it is grey!
    Happy Canada Day!
    Just got back from the fireworks. How was the salmon fest?

  2. Very pretty, love the flowers

  3. I love those flowers and your sweet birdie! Great job with the colors!

  4. What a clever layout for the inspiration! Very cute!

  5. Love your flowers. Great job!

  6. Your handmade flowers a la Dawn came out great! Love the green floss tying off your buttons! :>