Wednesday, July 1, 2009

day 124 on 365 Cards

another day, another challenge...
what would life be without a little adversity now and then? easy peasy isn't fun ALL the time! so i'm sure for some people using a digital image might be tough to incorporate - maybe we're not all so computer-literate as others! i find i'm learning a lot as i go. my hubby teaches me plenty of stuff, but i also like to stuggle on my own sometimes. (ok, so maybe i don't actually LIKE to struggle, but he's not always home!)

i used Microsoft Word to create a background of different fonts of the word 'baby', then i printed it out on cloudy vellum using blue ink - to make baby boy cards! it's a fairly simple card, but i like it. i also don't use my eyelets much anymore and i have so many of them! great way to attach vellum, as i'm sure all you crafty chicks know. take it easy out there!

crafty girl


  1. Wow, looks great! I like that card!

  2. I never use my eyelets either! I have a million of them though! LOL

    I love this card. Very sweet! Great job using your computer!

  3. great job with the challenge...perfect background and baby card!

  4. very nicely done and creative with the different fonts! I like this!!!

  5. Great, now can you come over and get my $#@*! printer to work!

  6. Very clever girl, I wouldn't have thought to use the computer for the BG paper!!! good for you.

  7. Very cute. I love the simplicity of it!