Friday, July 31, 2009


helloooooo out there! have you missed me? i've been crazy busy and i'm sorry i've been neglecting the land of bloggy goodness...

i have been trying like mad to get my products out there into the realm of consumers, and spending all day doing card challenges just wasn't getting me anywhere! so i just had to avoid even glancing at 365 Cards or Mojo Monday, and all the other great blogs i was so diligently following! it's addictive, don't you think?!

i have applied to be a vendor at a bunch of craft fairs, and since i make ALL of my products myself i have to spend all my time planning out what i want to make and then creating it all. takes so much time - but of course i love it with a passion so it's time well spent.

i sold dozens of my cards to some downtown businesses a couple of weeks ago, and that really dwindled my stock. i have to make many many more before i'll have enough for the fairs. but anyway...

i wanted to share with you something new i'm playing with - domino pendants! i have been making magnets and keychains from dominos for quite a while now, but i wanted to add something more to my repertoire.

don'tcha just love these washi papers? i have a big stash of them, and i've used them on cards before, but now i've found a new used for them too! i love how these turned out. i'm gonna give them a go at my next craft fair on Aug.9th and if they sell i'll make more.

i doubt any of you live in my neck of the woods, but if you do - come on by the craft fair! it's just a small one, but i did it back in june too and it's a fun day! our tables are outside so i better remember to bring a big umbrella. it's been over 30 degrees all week here! we've been melting.

thanks for stopping by! i promise it won't be so long until my next post. TGIF!! Have a great weekend - for us here in BC it's a long weekend so my hubby has a couple of extra days off to play.

crafty girl

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