Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time Flies!

hey all you crafty types!

it's amazing how time flies by so quickly... i've really let my blogging get away from me! i have just been so busy with all my product-making and craft fair research that i've been neglecting my blog i worked so hard to get up and running. i seriously need a clone to get everything done that i want to accomplish each day. sheesh!

i have some extra time today because the craft fair i was supposed to be in got cancelled due to rain! it was the one i blogged about last week called "Got Craft? mini edition. so i thought i'd share links with you for some shows i will be vendoring instead of selling my wares today! (is 'vendoring' a legit word? i saw it used somewhere and i adopted the term, but i don't know if it's really a word... who cares i guess? people will know what i'm yammering on about when i say it.)

Portobello West Vancouver

i'll be at this show September 27th and October 25th. it's a pretty big show in Vancouver so i'm rather stoked about being accepted!

and then we have Mommies on Main:

this one is new to me, but it was cool to have them contact me to say i should come be part of the show!

i have applied to 8 others as well for October, November & December - trying to keep myself VERY busy these days! i'll keep you all posted when i have some more firm dates...

crafty girl

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