Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Craft Guru

hey all you crafty types!

i'm sure i've probably mentioned to you before that i really dig all the products created by t!m holtz... he's provided me with a LOT of inspiration over the years and caused me to spend plenty of money on all his "i must have that!!" items. not that i'm complaining! all those incredible stamps and distress ink colours and cool masks and grunge paper and the alcohol inks... i could go on forever. but i won't. this time around anyway! lol here's just a few of my fave products from my arsenal:

i had the immense pleasure of going down to Anaheim for the recent CHA Show with my mom, who owns a stamp store and teaches classes in Whitehorse, Yukon. (that's where i'm from, by the way.) she's been going for the past 4 years, and has always wanted me to join in the fun and mayhem of walking that show floor and collecting free goodies (plus figuring out how to get it all home!) and attending the great workshops too. a friend of hers came down from Whitehorse with her as well, so the 3 of us had an absolute blast! a typical day involved getting up at 6am to be at our 7am workshops, getting a couple hours of show floor time in, then back to workshops, more of the show, squeezing in some food here and there, finishing up at 9pm after the last workshops of the day (which were all 2 hours long), then heading out for a bite to eat or a movie. (OMG - have you all seen Avatar? we went to the IMAX 3D show down there and it's uber fantastic! gotta go again soon with the hubby.)

so anyhoo - one of the highlights of the show was getting to actually MEET t!m holtz!!! yes, he was there, and when we saw him at the Idea-ology booth my heart raced and we bolted over there to meet him. i got a photo of course - a remembrance of my craft guru.

i hope you all have someone who inspires you to create your buns off!

crafty girl

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