Thursday, February 18, 2010

National Craft Month

hey all you crafty types!

did you know that march is National Craft Month? what a terrific reason to celebrate! for those of us who love to craft, vow to try a new crafting technique during National Craft Month; or perhaps you can teach someone how to do your favorite craft. (i know that having more stamping friends couldn't hurt!) i think National Craft Month can also be the perfect excuse to pull all those half-finished projects out of their hiding places and get them done. i have a few left from the CHA Show workshops that need to be completed. then i could put everything away!

for those who don't make crafts (god forbid!), what better reason to start crafting? crafting has many benefits - it can help reduce stress, bring families closer together, and you can learn new skills too! now if only i could get my husband to do some rubber stamping with me... i know he's just itching to get his hands on all my goodies! hehehe! (i know he's going to read this.) there is such a wide array of options out there if you're looking for a new hobby - just a quick google search and you'll find oodles of ideas. it's quite incredible!

in my opinion, EVERY month is craft month... LOL!! if i went even a week without doing some sort of crafting at my uber fabulous desk, i'd go berserk! and since i know he's reading, thanks again matthew for building me such an amazing workspace. love you sweets!

crafty girl

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  1. you make me giggle! Your dedication to the craft is unsurpassed!