Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My ETSY Store

hey all you crafty types!

do any of you sell on ETSY? i started a site of my own last April. it really hasn't done much, but then again, i haven't really had the time (or made the time?) to spend on it. i had so much to do with all my craft fairs in the fall that i barely even put any christmas cards on there! not to say they would have sold if i did more... none of the ones i HAD listed sold. but anyway, i'm not getting discouraged.

i finally decided this week that i'd get a bit more involved and get some more products listed on my site. you can't sell if you don't try, right?! cruise on over there sometime and check it out. there's so much cool stuff to see on ETSY that i'm sure my little site gets lost amongst the crowd, but it's an effort at least to get my products seen by people all over the world. ain't the web a marvelous invention?!

here's a couple of the cards i made last week that i listed on my ETSY site. hope you enjoy your day and get some crafty-time in somewhere!

cheers, crafty girl

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