Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fever!

hey all you crafty types!

well i'm sure you are all following the Olympics. but what you might not know is they are on my turf this time around - VANCOUVER!! yes, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are right here in my own city. Olympic fever is everywhere, and i am certainly caught up in it myself. it's so uber-cool to see all the news coverage, and get out there to be part of the crowd myself.

last week my hubby & i went out to see our friend Pharid do his part in the Olympic Torch relay. he won a contest sponsored by Coca Cola and was chosen to be a torch-bearer! it was awesome to see the torch go by, but seeing someone we know actually carrying it was unreal... i was literally jumping up and down yelling with excitement.

how fantastic is that? we were all so jazzed - there were a whole bunch of us in the crowd screaming his name as he went by. he was beaming from ear to ear, as you can imagine!

we won our first Olympic Gold medal on home soil yesterday too. history in the making!


crafty girl

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  1. I know!! its so exciting to have the Olympics right in our backyards! I have yet to check out the events ( the kids have been sick) But we plan on going out this weekend!!

    Go Canada Go!