Monday, June 22, 2009

Lovely Lavender

i have always loved the smell of lavender, and that colour is just so sweet and romantic! i'm starting off the week with this smell in my nostrils, emanating up from my craft desk for the card i'm submitting to today's 365 Cards challenge - day 114 - Lovin' Lavender!

the card is completly CAS, but the multi layers of lavender, and even lavender buds glued into the shape of a heart, make this a very romantic card in my eyes. perhaps i'll try another and strive to NOT make it a romantic-themed card this time around.

stuff used:
dark & light lavender cs
pale lavender shimmer cs (kinda looks white here...)
lavender mulberry paper
McCormick Gourmet - jarred lavender buds (from the spice aisle!)
deckle edge scissors


  1. Great card, I never thought to use lavender buds, I have a few packets of it as well.

  2. ooooo, awwwwww, I love it, and I bet it smells GREAT, I may have to give this a try. wonderful card.

  3. this is awesome! i LOVE how you used lavendar buds on this - that really takes the challenge up a notch! so creative. it is very romantic, but not in a frou-frou girly way - a very subtle and sophisticated way. This totally makes me think of a soothing spa!

  4. Great card and I bet it smells just wonderful.

  5. very creative card! I too, love the smell and have to spray my bed with it each night...sweet dreams

  6. the smell of lavender...what a creative card!

  7. I bet your card smells wonderful! This is very creative!