Monday, June 29, 2009

some of my other creations

check out my new blinkie on the right... i made it into the top trio this past week for 365 Cards! yipee!

today i want to show you some of the other stuff i like to create. for the past few years i have been making these really cute magnet sets and keychains out of dominoes, as well as coasters that are stamped and made from tiles. check out the pics below... i'll be adding the domino items to my ETSY store, but not the coasters. they'd be way to expensive to ship. heavy little suckers!

i`ve been selling these at some local craft fairs for the last few years, and people really dig them! they make great little gifts, and for $6-$10 how can you go wrong...
i sure hope the online shoppers feel the same way! (grin)

crafty girl

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